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February 14, 2007


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ms. c

Hey Karen, wishing you so much Luck with today's IUI. I am hoping that you won't ned to find those IVF consent forms...As for the cheesiness of IUI on Valentine's Day (though I, too, don't "celebrate" this day, and actually wouldn't even have taken note except that my nurse pointed it out to me): My deal with my husband was that we would try this one last cycle with injections and s.e.x. So I am left trying it the old fashined way on this very day. As I am pretty darn certain this won't do the trick, March will be my CD1, then I will have to start BCPs (as I will be away and can't start my next cycle immediately, and will use the BCPs to bing on my flow). I so hope I will notbe sharing these dates with you.I'll be back to comiserate during the 2ww.

ms. c

Make that: MArch 1 will be my CD1. Ooops.


Hoping this turns out to be your best Valentine's Day ever, complete with a "how I conceived my child" story!


I've been thinking of you last night and his morning. I hope it all went okay.Here's a possibly silly thought: knowing this is the last IUI cycle maybe frees you up to give it all you've got, in that any additional cumbersome effort you do now won't have to be repeated indefinitely for future IUI cycles.What that translates to I'm not really sure. Resting today? No shoveling? Standing on your head? Climaxing? Intercourse tonight? Certain foods? Supplements? Precautions against catching a cold? Avoiding running a fever?I honestly don't know, it's probably fairly silly, and I know you are focused on getting started on the IVF cycle, but it's just a thought.That it is St. Valentine's Day would annoy me. One aspect of this week's parshah, however, regards conjugal rights and obligations!Best wishes.

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