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February 28, 2007


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My Reality

I am still keeping things crossed for you, Karen. I hope tomorrow's beta comes in with stellar numbers.

sariel amp; shlomit

Whoo Hoo!!!Between the line and all the symptoms...i'm keeping it all crossed! Can't wait to hear the beta results!peaceshlomit


Sorry not to have commented sooner... Congratulations! Oh, and you are no more a freak than the rest of us!


It seems to me that you are a person trying to protect her emotions, not a freak.May tomorrow's appointment bring happy, embraceable news.

Baby Blues

Cautiously optimistic! I can't wait! Keeping my fingers crossed.Don't worry, IF makes us freaky. :-)


It's lovely news, and very good sign that all those sticks are still looking pregnant. Can't wait to hear the beta number!

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