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February 08, 2007


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Since you are certain this cycle won't produce a pregnancy anyway, you could always go for the "well-timed intercourse" in Florida should you have to make the choice between staying home for the IUI or going as planned on your trip.Of course, it would be best for the scheduling to work out so that you will not need to make use of any contingency plan. It would be great if you could do the IUI with no complications -- no fevers and lots of rest. For good measure, following the IUI with intercourse would be ideal.Best wishes to you.


You mean you don't want to have well-timed intercourse at your dad's?Hope Sunday's scan shows things are moving along...

Baby Blues

Being on a schedule takes the fun out of it! But I've always hoped that the old fashioned way would work. Nothing's impossible. :-)


That reminds me of trying to have well-timed intercourse with my MIL around. Not fun!!!I hope your ovaries start behaving soon! (Seriously, someone needs to get all these rebellious and slacking ovaries in line.)


Ah, well-timed intercourse...or how to take the fun out of sex.

My Reality

I hope those follies start cooperating soon!

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