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February 02, 2007


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God I am so sorry, sounds incredibly frustrating!

I wish I had some good assvice for you, but I really don't.

I just hope NABATLO gets some sweet relief soon and things turn around for you!!!

My Reality

I have a useless left ovary too. It just doesn't seem fair. But then again, none of this is.

I hope this cycle surprises you.


Are your cycles every other month or successive months? When I was going for scans every month I noticed my ovaries alternated being the slacker.

Do they not have you on any estrogen support? I was always either on patches or pills.

Hope the plateau starts a nice climb for your next scan.

Baby Blues

It's really frustrating. I'm sorry I don't have the answers. I'm looking for it as well.


Sounds like your overachieving right ovary is intimidating the left. They need a stern talking-to.

I'm sorry things aren't working out right now. Blech.


I thought one of my ovaries was chronically underperforming, but then on the last cycle it woke up and did pretty well, so who knows.

What is up with your E2? Weird things are happening. I do hope this works out anyway, that it's climbed when you go back tomorrow, but have you thought about maybe taking a month or 2 off if it doesn't? Maybe your body needs a bit of a break?


I also have a crappy left ovary. It is also buried under a ton of bowel so it is really difficult for my sonographer to find, like every single time I have a cooter scan. Anyway, my right ovary is the go-to ovary, I only hope I can have some kids before it runs out of follicles... I have a theory about blood flow and whether differences between blood flow to the right and left ovaries could explain differences in responsiveness. Hmmm, maybe I should review some anatomy books.PS, I'm a little new to your blog but have been spending the last several hours catching up on your life!

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