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January 24, 2007


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Oh, man! I was really hoping for you. How are you coping?


SOrry to hear this, Karen. It hurts so much, every bloody time, doesn't it?


I'm really sorry to hear about that. Nothing's worse that Af showing up unannounced...

I hope you don't have to make it to IVF, but I understand wanting to be there...

My Reality

Crap. This sucks. I am sorry, Karen.


I am so sorry. It just sucks each and every time...

We did 4 IUIs last spring and I'm only now moving on to IVF, the whole idea of pursuing it was (and still is) very intimidating.

And I was (and still am) just so tired of all this.

But I'm hoping that this next cycle is your lucky one and that you won't have to take any next steps.

Hang in there, okay?


Of all the unwanted house guests, AF is the worst. I'm sorry she showed up.

I'm going to keep hope alive for your sixth try - let it be the one that works, please God!


I'm sorry. Even when it's anticipated, it still sucks.


Oh, I am so sorry.

I am just getting into this game, and so many players don't seem to enjoy it much.

Maybe, just maybe, this next one will not let you down. Maybe. Could be.

I sure would love to read about that.

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