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January 07, 2007


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Why would your LH be high - surely you aren't ovulating yet? Because it's only high for 24 hours or so so it would be a bad thing if you were surging without the trigger and IUI planned. It's good it's still low.

The estrogen does sound a bit disconcerting. Perhaps its lower with increasing body weight because fat cells absorb estrogen as well as store it?


Thalia... you're right, having not surged yet, I wouldn't expect it to be greater than 20 mIU/ml. I would, however, expect it to be, say, around 7 or 10 if it were on the same scale as what I've been seeing. 1.6 suggests to me that my clinic is using a different unit of measurement than the other standard data I'm finding. But I suppose I'll find out if I find out my LH level on trigger day.

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