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January 14, 2007


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I agree that there isn't a limited supply of fertility. But I'll also freely admit to thinking "die, bitch, die" towards some pg people. Not my friends, of course...


You do have a great attitude about it. I never believed that there was limited fertility either, but it was always a "Why not me also?" reaction when someone told me that they were pregnant. That seems to be going away somewhat with our decision to stop treatments and adopt, which is very nice.

I'm hopeful for you this cycle!


I tend to have the "die, bitch, die" first reaction, but then soon switch to joy about their pregnancy. Besides, if other women didn't get pregnant, who would I get tips from when my turn comes?


I often have both feelings simultaneously. I'm completely happy for my very best friend and her three children, but when I'm less rational I also feel like she somehow cut in the cosmic baby line!

I hope you had success with this IUI!


I also have very contradictory feelings when people (friends, my younger sister) announce they're expecting...

I am happy for them (esp. if they're former IF'ers) and realize that one woman's fertility doesn't lessen MY chances, but at the same time I often feel some of that self-pitying, why not me? attitude.

It's just never easy though, no matter what the circumstances.

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