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January 08, 2007


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That is really puzzling with your E2. Given your lining should be developing in response to estrogen I cant' understand what's going on. How frustrating!


Indeed... I'm quite puzzled and more than a little bit frustrated. But Dr. Amazing will be there for my monitoring appointment tomorrow AM, so maybe he'll have some ideas. Lining's definitely developing, though! 11 isn't bad!

My Reality

I love the google spreadsheet! I may just have to try it with my next cycle!

I hope that things work out with this cycle and your estrogen cooperates like you lining and follies seem to have done.


I like the Google spreadsheet too. We happen to have the same cycle except my IUI was today, cd 14. I noticed that your cd30 date was different than mine - I was puzzled then I noticed that the calendar in your spreadsheet is missing Jan 11th. Oops.

Great blog. I will be watching and waiting for your beta day. Good luck!!!


cr1ck3t: Thanks for noticing; I've fixed the spreadsheet. The odd thing is that I made the spreadsheet in Excel directly first... and I just did a pull-down to populate the dates, so it shouldn't have skipped any. Weird.

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