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December 04, 2006


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My Reality

If it were me and I had coverage for IVF and the drugs, I would go straight for IVF, simply because the chances are higher. If you don't have drug coverage, then I would consider the IUI, because it could work without spending thousands on drugs.

Hopefull, YAD will listen to you. And if they are motivated by money, you would think they would be happy to move on to IVF, right?


My Reality -
I do have coverage for both the IVF and the drugs. I also have a lot of drugs pooled from my last IUI and my friend's leftover gonal-f pens (her cycle is complete and she's very pregnant now). At any rate, the drugs have a $35 copay each time I refill them. Which can add up, but is far less than the full cost of the drugs, obviously.

It seems that Shady Hell isn't as motivated by money as one would think... since the last time I said to one of the doctors that I wanted to move to IVF he asked me to indulge him in a few more IUIs. But I'm just so tired of it all. And I just can't risk running out of insurance coverage, either. You'd think they'd really want me doing IVF for their stats, too... there's every reason to believe that I will be a successful IVF patient who would not make their stats go down.

It's all really annoying.


Me too for IVF. The IUI figures just aren't good enough.

ms. c

Hi Karen,
Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. Knowing that your situation is similar and that your treament has been silmilar too (ie: agonizing low doses!) really helps. Thanks for stoping by.
I'm gonna add you to my list, and read back a bit to catch up with you. Good luck with YAD. I second what Reality and Thalia say.

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