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Infertility / Trying to Conceive


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October 22, 2006


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I'm glad to hear that you're physically feeling better, though I know that it's incredibly sad for you still. Having a child already does help mitigate some of the pain but in other ways, it makes it even more painful--you'd already started to compare your pregnancy with this child to your pregnancy with your son, thinking about what it would be like to see your son as a big brother, etc. That's a very painful thing to deal with.I hope that you're not down to your last option already. We won't be doing IVF, so I feel like we're getting to our last option also. It's really hard.


Physical healing comes so much sooner than mental and emotional healing. Facing your last option can't help your mindset right now. I wish you didn't have so much to think about right now.

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