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September 01, 2006


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Big celebration and big sigh of relief that you heard the heartbeat! Yeah! It's still not fair that you are having the bleeding, but I'm so glad that you saw the heartbeat. That's a big hurdle to overcome. I hope you continue to receive only good news from now on.Sorry about the ob thing. It's so hard to find a Dr. that you are happy with, then to find out you can't get in sucks! Could you go back to the RE and ask for another recommendation or ask the practice that won't take patients to refer you to another Dr. Either of them should be able to give you a good recommendation somewhere else, that way you don't have to ask friends or family. I'm sure since the office doesn't take new patients that they would be happy to refer you to one of their associates. Well, I hope you can enjoy yourself and relax a little this weekend, I'm so glad you got good news at the ultrasound!

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