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September 06, 2006


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Hey that's great news that you can get in to the office you wanted. That could be a good sign. And no it's totally not fair at all that you can't enjoy your pregnancy relaxed and ignorantly happy. Unfortunately, it's one of the completely unfair side effects from infertility and/or miscarriage. I hope each day will bring you a little more confidence. I'm so sorry that you are still getting the bleeding and cramping. Has it subsided at all, has the bleeding gotten any lighter? I hope it lets up soon. I did have menstral type cramping with my pregnancy but it wasn't that bad, my Dr. said it was normal, but I know you said sometimes yours was pretty severe. And no, your blog isn't boring, you might have a lot of people reading and just not commenting. Not everyone has a big mouth like me. Actually I wish your blog was a bit more boring, that would mean you were having an uneventful, boring pregnancy. Sometimes it takes a while for people to find you in blogosphere. Also, you get used to all the so-called private stuff. I think all of us whether we went through miscarriage or infertility or both are pretty unfazed by all the tmi stuff.


Hey, you ok???


I would definitely second what Jennie said--just dropping a line to say congrats, and I hope I get as lucky as you. And of course, crossing my fingers for at least 6 or 7 months more pg symptoms. A previously silent reader ;)...BeckyZ

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